Onyx Shadow


Taken over by Lana and Greene after their escape to the Prime Material Plane, Onyx Shadow is the largest thieves guild on the continent.

Primarily one of information gathering, Greene tended to the influx of information while Lana was more involved in the field work.

Onyx Shadow is based out of the northern part of the continent with guild houses scattered throughout the rest of the continent.


Guild Members – Lana’s guild members fall into a couple of different categories. Here is just a brief outline of the type of rogues she employs:

  • Information Gatherers – these guys are the eyes and ears of the guild. They don’t have much skill other than to blend and to listen. These are the bulk of her guild members and while they may be good at sneaking around and getting out of tight situations they are mostly non-combatants.
  • Assassins – Lana trained a few multi-class Assassin/Shadowdancers to help with field work. These are her poison experts and the ones most adept at getting rid of people. This is the smallest group, and mainly work out of the main Guild House, really only leaving when on a mission.
  • Thieves – these are your fast talker, faster hand rogues. They do much of the lesser thieving that Lana doesn’t have time to personally oversee.

Sending Rings – these rings are signet rings one is given upon being inducted into the guild – they are made of gold and have a symbol of an arrow inlaid into them in onyx. They are made specifically for each member so that when a sending is sent, the clerks know from whom it came. They can send 2 sendings per day at 25 words each. The sending rings all send their messages to a “control hub” which is run by a number of clerks (these are not thieves, per say) and which is overseen by Greene personally. Lana has a sending ring to receive messages from Greene only for the purpose that an emergency comes up, but she kinda sorta forgets to check it very often (what? she’s got lots of prettier rings!). Hers is not inlaid in Onxy, but in Ruby.

Anyone who loses a sending ring must confess to it immediately or face certain death. She has a list of anyone who has ever lost a Sending Ring (surely, there are a few) and if a second one is lost they are executed. If they lose the ring and then run, she goes to hunt them down personally and kill them. It’s a fun sport, though that has only happened once.

Traps – Lana’s home away from home (her secret lair) is completely warded against black guards. Should Jassu ever try to enter her home it will be very bad for him. She’s had a few things specially commissioned, and while no one knows the true extent of the damage that might be inflicted, without her express permission to enter any blackguard that attempts to infiltrate her home will most likely die.

Onyx Shadow

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