Lana began her life on the streets, a small human girl with no one to claim her. If she had a mother or father she did not know them. Small and quick she was able to keep herself alive by stealing what she needed.

She was not the only urchin on the street and, while she would occasionally form an alliance with a few in order to survive, she had no friends. Her wariness served her well and she learned to stick to the shadows, to blend into the darkness, to disappear.

Eventually, she earned a reputation as someone to call on when in need of “discreet” services. She would occasionally join up with adventuring groups and provide her unique services for a price.

It was on such a mission that she met Iowen.

Quite possibly the only friend she would ever have.

Lana and Iowen began to travel together more frequently. They trusted one another. The two of them made a pact to watch out for one another and to do everything in their power to keep one another safe.

That’s when Iowen died.

While adventuring with a group they came under attack and had to flee suddenly. Iowen was mortally injured and left behind, dumped in a river callously to rot.

In her search for a way to bring back her long dead friend, Lana sold her services to Pulchara in order to bring Iowen back to life.

It was that event that tied Lana nearly inextricably to the goddess and would lead to Pulchara’s downfall and Lana’s eventual triumph.

For her part in bringing her companion back to life, Lana began to worship Pulchara. She was an ardent supporter of the goddess archer and would do anything Pulchara asked of her. It was on a mission for Pulchara in which Lana’s skills were tested to the extreme that Pulchara made her over in her own image. Lana’s bright red hair was gone. Her ears now came to points. She was more dexterous and agile.

Lana hated it. It was that bit of vanity from Pulchara that began Lana’s disillusionment with her goddess.

Life on the Prime

When Kabal arranged for the group’s escape to the Prime, he took a special interest in Lana and, by extension, Greene. Offering Lana control of the largest thieves guild on the continent, she set up shop to the north with Greene by her side.

See Onyx Shadow for more information


Once with flame red hair that fell in waves halfway down her back, Lana was a human thief with a penchant for archery. She was considered pretty by most and charismatic enough that some even considered her beautiful.

Now however…

Shoulder length white hair is swept behind pointed ears as the elf stands. Green eyes survey the room quickly as if searching for hidden secrets and a small smile tugs up the corner of her mouth. The look on her face is mischievous, as if she knows something everyone else does not. The rest of her features are typically elven and slightly unremarkable.

No, the real beauty lies in the way she moves, stepping lightly on the ground, ne’er a sound or scrape or footfall echoing in the large room as she moves. Not even the quiver of arrows at her waist shakes or rattles. Each movement she takes is graceful as if she is dancing to an internal orchestra.

A body suit hugs her small form, black turned down boots covering her legs to the knees, and a stiff vest full of pockets buttons up snugly. She dresses entirely in shades of black and gray and sometimes when one looks at her their eyes seemed to slide right past her without really noticing.

Weapons were strewn all about her belt. Three daggers were sheathed near the small of her back and a short sword hung opposite her quiver. A long bow was slung over her shoulder – always strung, always at the ready.

In marked contrast to her nondescript clothing, jewels glittered brilliantly everywhere the elf could place one. A fist sized ruby hangs from a gold chain at the center of her chest, while every finger wears a bejeweled ring. Diamonds sparkle in her ears and nose while her hair is held back by a headband of emeralds that matches her eyes. The display was overly ostentatious and overdone in every way and yet, it fit the impish smile perfectly.


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