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This story begins, as so many others do, with a group of adventurers. Six men and women, brave, strong, and clever are the catalyst for this tale. They are not, however, the ones we will follow on our journey.

Still, with the coming of these six men and women, the cosmos would never be the same.

Fearless and fierce these men and women were. So skilled, deadly, and smart that they transcended the bonds of mortal mankind and established for themselves a pantheon. That, dear readers, is where this story starts. For these new gods had followers, as so many others do. These gods claimed for themselves the most ruthless, the most cunning, and the most deadly of all mortal men to be their followers.

That choice, those followers, were the downfall of this pantheon – and that is where this story truly begins.

Those six adventurers turned deity were freed from the constraints of mankind. However, that did not mean they were without troubles of their own. As gods were wont to do, they attempted to exert power over one another. Not content to be one of many a war broke out in an attempt to determine which deity was most powerful.

One of these goddesses was more power hungry than the rest – or more impatient. It matters not the cause, however, that led to her downfall.

Fearing her conceit, her power, and the strength of her followers, the five other gods worked together to banish her. Locked in an eternal prison this ruthless deity was walled away from her followers, her power began to diminish and she began the slow descent into madness – that is to assume she was not mad already.

Each god sealed a layer of her prison – five layers in all – the fifth layer being placed by the banished one’s own sister.

As the treacherous plot to lock her away began, one of the goddess’s own avatars took it upon himself to bargain for his life as well as the lives of his closest confidants. Banished from the world of the Six, the avatar and his companions were sent to the Prime Material Plane to begin lives anew – never to return to the world they had known as their own.
Stripped of everything they had known, this new group grimly began going about the task of establishing themselves on their new plane of existence.

History would go on to refer to that day as the beginning of the end

Thanks to the careful planning of that goddess’s avatar, Kabal, the new group quickly established themselves on the Prime.

Here we introduce you to our cast of characters:

Lana, a beautiful and deadly elf molded in the very form of the goddess herself, along with her companion Greene at once began pulling the strings of the largest thieves’ guild on the continent.

Deacon, a mage who wields power as fearsome as his grisly visage, quickly established himself as a Wizard of frightening power and was reluctantly and fearfully accepted into the most prestigious school of Arcanum in the Prime.

Eben, a mysterious and intriguing wielder or both the divine and the arcane, created the Gilded Bloom Network in order to free people from the shackles of religion and open their mind to reason.

Deal, a wicked looking creature said to be one of the most evil beings ever to exist, took charge of an army of mercenaries calling themselves the Myrmidons. He placed as his general:

Jassu, a creature so twisted by evil as to appear a horned devil. A Blackgaurd, Jassu was the only person qualified to lead such an army.

Kabal became known as a king among men and introduced to the group a monk named Markus – light on his feet and skilled in battle he would prove a powerful addition to the company of castaways.

From this starting point, this place on the Prime, these six new adventurers would continue a cycle repeated infinitely through time, space, and the cosmos. Let us document their journeys for posterity’s sake.

Perhaps only with understanding and study will the cycle one day be broken.

Main Page

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