Evil Party

It begins... as well it ends...
What Would Evil Party Do?

Kabal looked at the team he had assembled before him. Mages, theives, fighters and priests – each had a specific purpose, a specific ability.

They hated one another, but that was to be expected. That they also proved to be a very formidable team when working together was the more surprising. Still, they were what he had and what he had been guaranteed.

“It begins tonight,” he told those spread throughout the room. “Shortly, Pulchara will be locked away behind chains to powerful for even me to breach.”

The craggy faced assassin stiffened at his proclamation and Kabal took notice. Lifting a finger less than a quarter of an inch he signaled to his minions to be ready. He signed internally, he hoped they wouldn’t have to kill the man.

Deal smirked in a corner, Kabal had already told him of the plan. The rest of them were hearing it for the first time.

“Unfortunately, our mistress’ time has come. The war between law and chaos has raged hot for too long and this is what will end it.”

Everyone in the room had their eyes glued to Kabal as he spoke. Kabal gauged their expressions as he explained what would happen. The lot of them would leave this world behind for good. They were to be banished to the Prime material plane and would be spared the coming genocide.

Pulchara’s mirror grinned wickedly as he spoke to them, frowning only briefly when he told the group that they would not be able to return to their lairs before leaving.

The scar-faced wizard listened impassively, no emotion showing on his disturbing face.

Jassu watched Lana warily but nodded in acceptance when Deal nudged him with an elbow and whispered something in his ear.

The priests were leaning forward intently and Kabal at last relaxed. They might not be happy about the idea now, but he had chosen rightly. These were the most fearsome of Pulchara’s followers and they were the ones who would help him rule the Prime.


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