Evil Party

Beyond Existence

Recap of the battle and the events after

The parties was getting everything together after the battle to ensure they would the keep the 507th layer of the Abyss to themselves, and fulfill their contract with Ahazu to release Eben, they found several difficulties getting back to the Prime. To be more specific, they could not. Knowing that the rest of the Godsbane was being taken to the Deep Astral to the Graveyard of the Gods the party weighed all the possibilities knowing that the waking of Pandorym had something to do with this. Deacon also noted that the Ethergaunts were headed to the Deep Astral as well.

The Party followed meeting General Krellyn at the precipice of a godcorpse. The party spoke, as three more figures appeared. Oyumi, a cloaked figure with a large tome, who you last saw right before encountering the persisting Dracolich, and a new figure, who held a longspear.

A Vortex opened to what looked like the duplicate Undying Temple the party encountered the first shard of the Godsbane in the Sargasso of Entropy. The 80ft Sphere of Annihilation took on a tauric form, like a cross between a batwinged four armed humanoid with a panther centaur lower half. The Council of Eclipses readied for battle, in an instant reforging the Godsbane and throwing it to Markus. The party saw the Council basically swarm this thing at different levels. The various auras this thing processed messed with the flows of time, magic, and life itself. To top it off, Markus knew this was a Martial Adept. The battle raged with Krellyn, Oyumi, and the other two Eclipses taking the brunt of the damage this thing had to deal out (sucking up ALL the AoO’s)

Pulling out all the stops, the party fought using abilities which they had long forgotten they had, or relying on tried and true methods. 4 Gods appeared to fight this thing as well, and you saw the abomination eliminate one god persistently each time it attacked, raking the deity into oblivion. After a long drawn out fight, the Council walked away and severely weakened Tyr remained. The party quickly dispatched the God, and a man in a dark cloak and a silver ring as a clasp to his cloak appeared.

He told the party that they fought valiantly, however they were now beyond the limitations of existence. There have been several dramatic changes to the Great Wheel, and the Prime, and there were some openings for ascension. Markus became the Adversary, and the last member of the Council of Eclipses. Deacon became the new keeper to the Book of Magic, and Magic itself. Lana became the new Goddess of Thieves, and Deal became a new God of War.

The name and existence of Markus as a mortal began to fade quickly from everyone’s memories. They still knew him, but now referred to him as the Adversary, or the Final Eclipse. Lana made her way back to the Prime to retrieve her loot to find the city where her hideout used to be in utter ruins. Her minions seemed nowhere to be found either. Whatever happened on the Prime while they were unable to access it was truly as epic as the fight they had in the Deep Astral. She took the time to sift through the ruble finding the bits and pieces of jewelry and took them to her realm in the Great Wheel. Deacon settled into the Order of the Book. His visage had become even more emaciated, almost skeletal. There were shattered remains of what seemed to be a jeweled hand. He picked up the Quill not really taking notice and quickly began to pen new magic that was being created. A faint near smile almost broke his lips, revealing black diamond teeth. “This is going to be a great spell.” He thought to himself. Deal restored Azzagrat, entitling it Myrmidon Bastion. Warriors wanting to prove their worth came to train here to become warriors who truly would fell even the hardiest foe. Deal looked out from the silvered tower at the seas of troops, petitioners, and demons that trained. He turned back inside and began to toil of a large blood red diamond which glowed faintly from within. As Deal screamed in pain, the light grew brighter. Elsewhere in the Abyss, A black clad Eben reclined in a stone throne overlooking a 20 foot wide grey matte pool. He spun a sword that entwined both cold iron and silver on the tip of the blade, patiently waiting. Another Eben clad in white held a blood red diamond glowing so brightly, that lit the room. He inscribed a sigil on the large pool, and set the diamond in the center of the pool. Deal stood watching the ritual with a look of satisfaction on his face. Deal looked at the top of the throne and saw a pointed skull with many black needle like teeth. Recognizing the anatomy as Varragoin, Deal just spoke with a raised eyebrow “Ahazu?” to the black clad Eben. Eben nodded. Jassu cracked the whip at the demon slaves toiling with stones a dark cavern. A small group of sages toiled over each stone, inscribing specific sets of arcane runes on each stone before they were taken away. Jassu looked over the down the Underdark valley at the base of a tower began taking shape, one stone at a time.

It begins... as well it ends...
What Would Evil Party Do?

Kabal looked at the team he had assembled before him. Mages, theives, fighters and priests – each had a specific purpose, a specific ability.

They hated one another, but that was to be expected. That they also proved to be a very formidable team when working together was the more surprising. Still, they were what he had and what he had been guaranteed.

“It begins tonight,” he told those spread throughout the room. “Shortly, Pulchara will be locked away behind chains to powerful for even me to breach.”

The craggy faced assassin stiffened at his proclamation and Kabal took notice. Lifting a finger less than a quarter of an inch he signaled to his minions to be ready. He signed internally, he hoped they wouldn’t have to kill the man.

Deal smirked in a corner, Kabal had already told him of the plan. The rest of them were hearing it for the first time.

“Unfortunately, our mistress’ time has come. The war between law and chaos has raged hot for too long and this is what will end it.”

Everyone in the room had their eyes glued to Kabal as he spoke. Kabal gauged their expressions as he explained what would happen. The lot of them would leave this world behind for good. They were to be banished to the Prime material plane and would be spared the coming genocide.

Pulchara’s mirror grinned wickedly as he spoke to them, frowning only briefly when he told the group that they would not be able to return to their lairs before leaving.

The scar-faced wizard listened impassively, no emotion showing on his disturbing face.

Jassu watched Lana warily but nodded in acceptance when Deal nudged him with an elbow and whispered something in his ear.

The priests were leaning forward intently and Kabal at last relaxed. They might not be happy about the idea now, but he had chosen rightly. These were the most fearsome of Pulchara’s followers and they were the ones who would help him rule the Prime.


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