Pulchara's Moonblade

A beautifully forged short sword weilded by one of the most fiercest goddesses ever to live

weapon (melee)
  • +5 Keen Shortsword (Counts as an epic weapon for purposes of overcoming DR)
  • Adds 3d6 to your sneak attack damage
  • Grants Superior Invisibility 1/day duration of 10 rounds
  • 1/day you can bathe a 30ft radius in moonlight, which will count as shadows which will persist so long as you twirl the sword over your head for a round, and will persist for 3 rounds after you stop twirling. This will negate sunlight, bright light effects and absolute darkness.
  • Ego score undiscovered

Once owned by Pulchara, a goddess of immeasurable dexterity, the Moonblade looks nothing so much like a piece of artwork. Crafted of the finest alloys known to the cosmos and set with glowing obsidian, mother of pearl, and opals the Moonblade is fit for a queen – or a goddess.

Now owned by Lana after freeing herself from Pulchara’s influence, Lana is unaware of the influence the Moonblade is exerting over her.

Pulchara's Moonblade

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